About Yokosuka Family Counseling Center (YFCC)

  • We provide high quality counseling services for various issues, including

    * academic and school-related concerns
    * personal and relationship issues
    * sexual identity 
    * grief and loss
    * stress management
    * work and career issues 
    * life transitions, and so on

  • We believe professional counseling should be:

    * professionally ethical
    * Interactionally Creative
    * Inspiration Invoking
    * Cathertic
    In short, it should be a "change-causing" relationship.

  • Counseling services provided by Yukio Fujikura Ph.D, a highly trained bilingual practioner educated in VA
  • Following American Counseling Association (ACA) Code of Ethics, we believe we can provide the best counseling services in this region

What's New

2018. 8.29.  a minor change in the fee structure starting on Sep, 2018
2013. 3. 5. We have had our article "Reaching across continents to prepare counseling's next generation" posted on Counseling Today and CT Online
2012.11.22. We have had our article "An Aspect of Counseling Globalization" posted on Counseling Today Online
2012. 1.28. We are fortunate to have a practicum student, Marie Kobayashi, join us this year from the Graduate Counseling Program at Seton Hall University in NJ, between 5/2 and 8/11.